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Can anyone help Neil McKecnie ?

(February 25, 2007)
Please contact [email protected]

My name is Neil J. McKechnie.

I have unfortunately been the victim of a fraud by a solicitor and then
subsequently by the Law Society of Scotland (LSS) themselves with respect to
this solicitor.

The LSS have handled my complaint against their solicitor through their CRO
unfairly and my case is at present being looked into by the Ombudsman.

I have also been invited to give evidence before the Justice 2 Committee as
a result of the treatment that I have received.

There is also a Trustee (Chartered Accountant) who has been involved in this
case who appears to have broken a whole raft of Sections of the Bankruptcy
Scotland Act 1985.

The LSS have consistently refused to prosecute their member and have also
failed to report him to the police as they are statuatorily obliged to do.

It is also becoming clear that the Trustee, the LSS and the Accountant in
Bankruptcy (AIB) not to mention the decisions of a local Sheriff have been
outwith the Law.

The Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the solicitor who has
fled the country.

However the police are reluctant to investigate the LSS saying that they are
'above the law' and also the AIB.

A senior member of the ICAS has said that the actions of the Trustee and his
former company are illegal and that the clerk of Edinburgh Sheriff Court
dealing with sequestrations has said what has transpired is outwith the law
and has never occurred in his knowledge.

I am also interested to know if you would address the above matter on your
website albeit it hasn't reached court, other than the sheriff court for
matters affecting the sequestration?

On behalf of a few creditors of this particular estate we are interested to
find out exactly what services you may be able to provide to help us with
our case?

I look forward to hearing from you in early course.



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