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Beware Peeping Toms in The Highlands

(December 09, 2011)
The web-site is urgently warning members of the public to be on guard in respect of their private paperwork and medical health records.
Only this week it has been confirmed that ex dept Chief Constable Gary Sutherland and ex Chief Supt Bruce Duncan are to join the board of a local security company.
This web-site has had overwhelming evidence in the past that Northern Constabulary have breached the data protection laws and supplied information to press and private detectives.
The web-site has also been made aware that exChief Supt Lawrie Stewart of Northern Constabulary has achieved a position of trust at NHS since his recent retirement.
The web-site warns the public to take extreme care with their medical records ,personal data,or anything private as this information could so easily be shared with unauthorised individuals or companies.

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