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Pantomime Starts early This year

(December 06, 2011)
A report today in the Inverness Courier that ex Chief Supt Bruce Duncan and ex Dept Chief Constable Adam Gary Sutherland have become directors of a local security firm.
There duties would seem to be private investigations of people who may be having affairs.Anyone who remembers the chaotic way theses two ran  the Northern Constabulary will feel safe in the knowledge that they may continue without disturbance from them.
It would be very easy to believe that these two ex policeman have been recurited to this firm as they will have access to confidential files held by Northern Constabulary ,and that former colleauges will be happy to breach the data protection laws on their behalf for a fistfull of dollars.
Once again it would seem that the Leveson enquiry that highlghts the police ,the press,and private detectives comes alive again in the North of Scotland.
As of today  a search of companies house data base shows no 288a directors forms lodged for Castle security or Castle Investigations ltd
for either Mr Sutherland or Mr Duncan.

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