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Leveson enquiry highlights police corruption and press involvement

(November 29, 2011)
In all the evidence heard so far in the Leveson enquiry it shows that the police and the press work hand in hand ,and whenever the police are called the press are alerted and arrive early.
The careful and skilled examanation by Carrine Patry Hoskins ,a former 1st class law graduate from Glasgow has established this close working partnership between the police and the press frequently.
Yet to be heard evidence to the enquiry is the matter of bribery and corruption contained within and operated by the Northern Constabulary in Scotland in association with the press.
In particular is the matter raised in a complaint of blackmail by a William Morrision a former reporter who although questioned under caution by officers of the Northern Constabulary ,slipped the net due to his free-mason connections with the investigating Chief Inspector.
Chief Inspector Angus aka Gus Macpherson of Dingwall command was reported to his superiors who refused to investigate a) the actions of the chief Inspector or the original blackmail complaint.
Over a period  of years overwhelming evidence has been supplied to the Chief Constable of Northern Constabulary ,but the cover up still persists.It was alledged that Macpherson and others unjustly enriched themselves with payments from the press ,for information given and charges to be dismissed.
Macpherson has insisted in a statement obtained under a FIA that these reporters were "bona fide".
The hearing before Lord Leveson continues.

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