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Sheriff Ian Abercrombie Disqualifies Himself From The Bench

(October 13, 2011)
Today Thursday 13th October Sheriff Abercrombie took the unusual steps of disqualifying himself from hearing the case of the Crown versus Stuart Hunt of Drumnadrochit.
His lordship on seeing a list of crown witnesses decided that he had already found one of the persons on the list as unreliable at a previous case against Mr Hunt.
Sheriff Abercrombie also advised Mr Hunt (the Accused) that he might consider lodging a Devolution Minute as a way to proceed.
The Trail was adjourned until 13th Jan 2012 .
The web-sites legal source stated today "this is bizarre behaviour of the Sheriff to give advice to the accused"it would be very easy to believe that the Sheriff may have mis-directed himself in law and a complaint could be raised by the Crown office.

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