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Northern Constabulary promote Macpherson

(July 29, 2011)
This web-site can inform itsreaders that Angus aka Gus Macpherson

Hasbeen promoted to Chief Inspector returning to Dingwall command .
Macpherson has been reported for many acts of criminality to his superiors who so far have refused and delayed to investigate him or his associates.Macpherson is also suspected of being a FreeMason.

The web-site has now written to Charles Kennedy MP in the hope that he can insist on an investigation into Macpherson .Chief Constable Graham has so far refused to open the books on Macpherson believing is the ideal man for the job at Dingwall.

The web-site legal source  has stated today " the continual delay into investigating Macpherson is a clear indication of a cover up" .

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