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Confirmed Neo Nazi Links with Freemasons

(July 25, 2011)
After the atrocious mass murder in Norway by Anders Breivik any previous suspicions are now confirmed that there is a far right and neo Nazi wing to Freemasonary.

Anders Breivik signs himself on his Neo Nazi manifesto and justification for "Killing too many is better for effect than too few"as Chief Justiciar Knights Templar Norway.
This is an affiliated wing of the Freemasons.Claims by the media that he was a lone wolf killer is clearly unfounded as he is an officer of a branch of the Freemasons, and as we are all aware every small town in Scotland has a lodge where these men meet together regularly for secret ceremonies and political discussions.

Chief amongst its members in Scotland are members of our Police Service.These facts raise once again very important questions in respect of the governance of our society.

Repeated requestshave been made of Chief Constable Graham at the Northern Constabulary and also his predecessor Ian Latimer as to their involvement in any  secret societies.

However so far they have refused to respond .Perhaps now in the aftermath of this mass murder in Norway they will realise  the gravity of the questions asked and the answers  they owe the public whom they purport to serve.

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