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Northern Constabulary Fail to Investigate Hacking and Blackmail

(July 12, 2011)
Northern Constabulary under its new Chief Constable has still failed to investigate telephone hacking and blackmail.

On or around October 2004 and further dates including Sept 2005-2010 this web-site and a complainer has requested an investigation into telephonic communications transmitted by a William Morrison former editor of the North Star and a Daily Record reporter Mark McGovern.
An independent investigation had identified one Inspector Angus aka Gus Macpherson and Sgt D Macgillvary has having received payment unjustly enriching themselves by passing on classified operational matters and confidential information to both theses reporters and their newspapers.
Under a Freedom of Information order sought  from the Northern Constabulary Macpherson had refused to reveal the contents of the telephonic evidence and has been supported in this action by two senior officers.

Macpherson  is\still under investigation for inviting one Shaun Macdonald  of Conon_Brae Farms Conon- Bridge Ross-shire to bare false witness as to the committing of a criminal offence at  Edinburgh.

Over a period of three months a meeting has been requested to investigate and respond to these serious matters with Chief Constable Graham but to date he delays and refuses to meet or to investigate these telephone hacking incidents.

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