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Chief Constable George Graham Opposed to single Force.

(April 26, 2011)
Only recently installed Chief Constable George Graham wasted no time in getting his phizog front page of the Inverness Courier.
A single force he states will be "costly,disruptive,and distracting".
The public and the co-founder of this web-site is delighted to hear that he will have time to investigate seven year old criminal matters.
Sadly he retains the services of Mrs Hamilton as his PA .The web-site considers and has complained bitterly of her in the past,and considers her to be unhelpful,obstructive and dishonest.
To help Mr Graham run the show John Chisholm formally of Lochaber Division returns promoted to Superintendent.
The web-site had some success with Supt Chisholm ,when he wrote a letter confessing that he did not have a warrant to break lock fast or to uplift firearms ,although at the time he had supported Insp Angus Macpherson who had lied and proclaimed at that material time that he did.
Macpherson ,a freemason is still under investigation by this web-site for corruption and unjust enrichment.
A meeting has been requested to ask of the New Chief Constable if he is prepared to investigate criminal matters,

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