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Delay and Pray At Dingwall Sheriff Court

(April 21, 2011)
Royal Bank of Scotland who for the third time have presented a petition at Dingwall Sheriff Court in the matter of Graeme Fraser co CA.On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th April agents on behalf of Lea Thompson (Dundas and Wilson Edinburgh) demanded Sheriff Alastair Macfayden award the sequestration in their clients favour.
However Sheriff Macfayden decided to take the cause to avizandum.This period for legal reflection is further compounded by Graeme Fraser having lodged an appeal to the Inner House of The Court of Session.On being granted leave to appeal from Lord Brodie Fraser had 14 days to lodge a reclaiming print.
However Royal Bank of Scotland have now lodged a motion to be heard on 27th April claiming that Fraser has it all wrong and insisting the Court of Session dismiss his appeal.
The websites legal source stated today"that Sheriff Macfayden by going to avizandum has put the matter into abeyance .Sequestration is a summary process relying on prima facie evidence wth little or no room for dilatory proceedings and should be granted forwith".No decision as of today has been reached.

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