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Chief Inspector Graeme Murdoch Unable to Decide

(February 13, 2011)
Chief Inspector Graeme Murdoch of the Northern Constabulary has by email written a long and lengthy report in regards to criminal matters concerning Stuart Latham of Drumnadrochit.
In his report, he admits that Mr Latham has been charged with assaulting Mrs Stuart Hunt at her home. Althought the incident was filmed and a copy of the film delivered to him, the Chief Inspector holds firm to the belief that former police officer Stuart Latham poses no risk to the public or to the Hunt family.
In his report, he promotes himself as a professional police officer, forthwright and makes no apologies for such.
The website's legal source stated today, "This is an unbelievable stance for a senior officer of the Northern Constabulary to take, especially in light of overwhelming evidence of the assault captured on film."
The website is awaiting the opinion of legal counsel as to whether or not it may publish the film of the assault or is the matter sub-judice. The opinion is promised by the end of the month...

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