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Northern Constabulary raise Hopes of Drumnadrochit Man

(November 12, 2010)
In the latest twist revealed today in The PCC report into criminal acts  complained about by a Stuart Hunt of Drumnadrochit the DCC Mr Sutherland states that he is sorry Mr Hunts expectations had been raised.
The matter before the investigating officer was a simple one-he Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean was to as agreed interview Sheriff Pyle,Sir Stephen Young QC Sheriff Principal and a clerk to the court.
There had been great concern that the applicant had received treatment of a criminal nature by the above.
These complaints are over three years old and yet it is held today that Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean was not a fit and proper person to proceed with the matter and that Supt Cowie has advised counselling for Mr Maclean in theses sensitive matters.
However DCC Sutherland states that he cannot understand why Mr Maclean took it upon himself to assure Mr Hunt that no stone would be unturned when he clearly had no locus in the majority of the investigation.
The Web-sites legal source stated today,"this is a travesty of justice in that Mr Hunts three year old complaint has still never been investigated and it would be very easy to believe that there is dirty work afoot in forest ".
Chief Inspector Maclean is now Area Commander for Inverness.

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