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Suspected Corruption At Dingwall Police Station

(September 22, 2010)
The Web-site has today received a report that in the recent conviction of William Burns 20 Ord Place Muir-of Ord for sexual exploitation of vulnerable young girls,Dingwall Police station has come under investigation yet again.
At this trail in front of Lord Turnbull at Edinburgh High Court we are told that a Mother of one of the abused had reported this matter to the Dingwall Police ---but nothing was done.
The web-sites legal source stated " this 12 year old complaint should have been recorded and investigated ,however Dingwall Police have along track record of failing to investigate matters with fellow members of the Freemasons."
Only recently a complaint was lodged about blackmail in respect of a William Morrison,but this was never taken forward as the investigating officer Inspector Angus Macpherson was a fellow Freemason with the accused.
The web-sites legal source further stated " An internal investigation by Northern Constabulary will amount to a paper shuffling exercise over a long period with no positive conclusion"

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