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Lord Fraser of Carmyllie Demands Investigation of Steven Purcell

(April 04, 2010)
The Sunday Times April 4th 2010 states that Peter Fraser ex Lord Advocate demands a police investigation of Steven Purcell former leader of Glasgow  Council.
Lord Fraser who headed the prosecution service betwen 1989-1992 claims that it is astonishing that this investigation has been delayed.
The web-sites legal source believes that Lord Fraser who claims to be a son of the Manse should extend the same kindness as was displayed to him ,in his recent battle with the law.Lord Fraser was charged  and arrested with air rage on a flight from London to Dundee .Only by good luck Eliish Angoleni  the present Lord Advocate did not proceed with a case against Lord Fraser.Lord Fraser said on the matter that he was "only guilty of playing Sudoku".
Let him who cast the first stone be without sin should be Lord Frasers position on the Purcell Probe.

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