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Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean Intends to Retire.

(January 08, 2010)
Andy Dixon of the Inverness Courier  is certainly trying some PR spin on the Inverness Public if he wants us to believe Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean is an all round good guy.
He fails to inform the public that Maclean is under investigation to the PCC for lying and was previously found guilty of lying in a separate matter.
Chief Inspector Maclean has already told a Drumnadrochit man that "lying is not a crime"
What the Chinese authorities make of such a person when they allow adoption of one of their nationals is surprising indeed.
We are also told that he is a Rangers fan ,former shinty player ,hill walker but enjoys the sharp end of policing.He insists that he is in a privileged position as he is funded by the public to do their work.A matter  he states he should never forget.
Long working hours with some  work being taken home is also claimed ,interestingly Mr Maclean tells us the he relaxes at home by going onto all fours and kidding on he is a horse.
With this style of behaviour an early retirement is clearly best for all concerned.

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