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Drumnadrochit Man Charged With Laughing ( Exclusive)

(November 28, 2009)
The web-site has just been informed that on instructions of Chief Constable Ian Latimer of The Northern Constabulary,Drumnadrochit man Stuart Hunt was today Saturday 28th November charged with laughing.
Officers of the Norther Constabulary charged Mr Hunt with breaching is interim ASBO by laughing in a public place.
Mr Hunt stated today " This is a further attempt to criminalise him and undermine his complaints about corruption within the justice system at Inverness" Mr Hunt has many unresolved matters which are understood to  be receiving vigorous investigation by Chief Supt Bruce Duncan.These include evidence tampering ,neglect of duty and lying.
Mr Hunt further added "This charge simply demonstrates that if you are an ex police officer and know the right people within the justice system anything can be arranged".

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