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Lord Gill Recommends removal of right to Appeal

(October 06, 2009)
Lord Gill's latest report written in conjunction with Lord Mc Ewan recommends the end to a right of appeal.In civil matters he lambasts party litigants as frivolous and turning both houses of The Court of Session into "a playpen".

Mackenzies friends are to be unpaid even upon success,and are only permitted at the behest of the court.They can be removed at anytime.No criteria has been suggested as to who or how this is to be adjudged.

No criticism has been made of The faculty of Advocates ,Sheriffs ,QCs or any member of The Court of Session .Only sympathy has been extended in matters where a Sheriff may have to adjudicate the quality of a wedding dress.

The legal source has stated "that this is a backward and dangerous step that Lord Gills report recommends and that Party Litigants are are to be severely punished if any or all of these recommendations are made law"

The report is understood to have cost over £ one million and has been described as a waste of public money.

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