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Inspector Gus Macpherson Praised by Supt.

(September 19, 2009)
Todays article in The Press& Journal praises Inspector Gus Macpherson for his tenacity,skill and diligence in respect of a fatal accident.

The web-site holds a different view of Macpherson .On or around Feb 2004 Macpherson failed to investigate a fellow Freemason William Morrison at that time editor of the North Star newspaper.The Northern Constabulary have been given further chances to investigate this matter which relates to blackmail but so far have refused to do so.

The Web-sites legal source stated "If the defendents had been Freemasons Inspector Macpherson would have swept the mater under the carpet"Macpherson is now Chief Constable Ian Latimers point of contact at Headquarters Old Perth Rd Inverness.

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