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Directors Resign From Aviemore Highland Resort.

(June 13, 2009)
      Concern grows over the Highlands largest tourist development  at Aviemore Scotland.Main board directors have left in droves ,David Sutherland of Tullochs ,Donald MacDonald of Macdonald Hotels PLC and  Ian Robertson .
Companies House state" the accounts for this firm are seriously overdue and have already attracted heavy fines"
The company made up of a consortium including Tullochs,Macdonald Hotels and The Bank of Scotland are heavily in debt and sources close to the company have revealed it is in breach of its banking covenants.A legal source has recently remarked that this looks like so many rats leaving the sinking ship with only administration the likely future for this company.
Source .Companies House Edinburgh

The Web-sites legal source views the Bank of Scotlands behaviour in this matter as " disgraceful" "The public own nearly 50% of this Bank and yet they seem to be prepared to allow all this debt be bounced into an administrator and the company to be bought back by previous directors at a knock down rate."

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