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(June 10, 2009)
Mr MacAskill
I refer to your letter dated 2 June 2009 to Mr Dave Thompson MSP, forwarded to myself, regarding the above.
Whilst your comments generally are superficial and do not address the central issues, I note with specific concern your rather ill judged comment, "there is no evidence to raise any question of a judges's fitness for office". I trust you will retract this statement and provide an apology or provide a basis for making the statement.
I would remind you that your own officials at the Constituition, Law and Courts Directorate have yet to investigate these allegations and would refer you to recent correspondence with a Jayne Milligan in that regard - I note that you appear to have prejudged this investigation. I would also remind you that both Northern Constabulary and Mr Thompson have copies of a detailed documentray evidence that fully support the allegations in question. In addition, further evidence has emerged since the original 'criminal investigation' commenced in October 2007.
Whilst there are various investigations still ongoing relating to the numerous attempts to suppress this evidence, none have the remit to investigate the allegations as a whole. In that regard I am perfectly willing to meet with your officials to consider the evidence in detail and set out the merits of that evidence. It is completely unacceptable that the only previous attempt at investigating this evidence collectively concluded with the senior investigating officer being prevented from following up lines of inquiry as he intended and the Deputy Chief Constable of Northern Constabulary lying regarding the status of the investigation. I would also refer you to similar untruthful statements made by the Chief Constable of Northern Constabulary to Mr Thompson regarding the same in his letter dated 13 May 2009.
I am absolutely astounded at the culture of denial and cover-up that exists within the justice system and how this has allowed allegations against a handful of clearly corrupt officials to snowball to this level. The time is long overdue for a completely independent investigation into these allegations to maintain public confidence in the justice system.
I look forward to your comments.
Stuart Hunt

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