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(November 20, 2008)
The website has just received a report dated 18th Novemeber, 2008 from Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean at the Northern Constabulary, Inverness.

In this report he reveals that Mr Norman Macleod, Firearms Licensing Manager at the Northern Constabulary had received a letter dated 21st December, 2004 from a William leith Young of Ritsons, Nairn.

In this letter, Mr Young instructed that weapons which had been uplifted and were in the possession of the Northern Constabulary, were to be disposed to a Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod of Tain.  Mr Norman Macleod in a reply dated the 22nd December 2004, acknowledged this.

However, on the 24th of February 2005 and on the invitation of William Young of Ritsons, the agent for the A.I.B, Mr Norman Macleod gave an affadavit.

In that affadavit, Mr Macleod acted dishonestly by lying when he failed to report to the court that he already knew and had acknowledged the intentions of the A.I.B. who were claiming a vested interest.

The website's legal source stated, "To any standard, this was an act of dishonesty for he was aware of the position of the A.I.B. and had agreed to act upon it".

The affadavit was eventually accepted into a legal process in April 2005 without the knowledge of the Sheriff, A.L. Macfadyen that it was perjurious.

Mr Macleod's affadavit was taken by Mr Norman Phillips, Force Solicitor for the Northern Constabulary.  

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