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Chief Inspectot Andrew Maclean Admits Northern Constabulary Involvement

(November 20, 2008)
The web-site has just received a report from Chief Inspector Andrew Maclean confirming that Norman Macleod firearms officer asknowledged that firearms were to sold to Gregor aka Winkie Macleod of Tain.

All of these instructions and money paid were shared betwen the Constabulary and Norman Macleod.At the time of the instruction from William Young of Ritsons Nairn 21st Dec 2004 the weapons in question were under a petition  at Dingwall Sheriff Court .
To facilitate the transaction Norman Macleod provided a sworn statement to the Dingwall Sheriff  Court.claiming they belonged to other parties so as to receive cash from his police informer Gregor aka Winkie Macleod  Tain..

It is further confirmed that on the 2nd Nov 2005 that the weapons had been disposed of due to the rejection of a legal process.No such process was rejected as clarified by the Dingwall Sheriff Court.Thursday 20th November 2008..

The web-sites legal source stated "this is as clear an indicator that lies and deciet are the main driving forces behind this report and that overwhelming evidence exists of theft and collusion."

The area fiscal Andrew Laing has been reported as having seen this paper work but as yet has made no report to the complainer


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