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Northern Constabularys Lawyers in Creditor Claim

(November 01, 2008)
THe web-site has just received a report from PriceWater House Coopers who have been appointed Liquidator of PB Events Ltd 5 Oswald St Glasgow.

Ledingham Chalmers The Northern Constabularys Lawyers had spent £1,703 on tickets to a evening with Bill Clinton at Aberdeen which was cancelled .

THe web-sites legal source stated " This was gross misuse of company funds and living high on the hog shows little concern for their customers especially in these financial climates."

The only larger creditors are The Royal Bank of Scotland £3,466 and McGrigors LLP Solicitors Glasgow £7,267 .

The legal  source further stated That The Royal Bank Of Scotland whose finances are in a mess should never have considered paying in advance such a large sum of money for entertainment whilst their position was so parlous.

Source Graham Martin Liquidator PB Enents ltd ( in liquidation) Glasgow..

Mr Martins Estimated statement of affairs shows that the company  has a deficiency of £394,643 and states that it is unlikely that anyone will be paid.

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