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Application for ASBO

(October 29, 2008)
Drumnadrochit man ASBO'd for laughing applies for antisocial behaviour order against neighbours after being told by Northern Constabulary that neighbours using foul mouthed language on his property in the vicinity of children is not criminal matter !
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Subject: Application for ASBO

Mr Dodds
I wish to make a further application for an antisocial behaviour order against our a Mr and Mrs Latham, Mid Balchraggan House, Drumnadrochit and a Mr and Mrs Taylor, East Balchraggan, Drumnadrochit. This is in addition to a previous application which as far as I am aware has never been investigated properly. There have been some extremely serious examples of antisocial behaviour all of which have resulted in severe alarm and distress on the part of the victims. These include :
1    Numerous incidents of theft, vandslism etc reported to the police. Recently Mr Latham admitted to the theft of our property by way of payment of a fiscal fine for the same.
2    Reckless and dangerous driving to the extreme alarm and distress of adults and children. Mr Taylor, on one occasion, even managed to overturn his 4*4 vehicle narrowly missing children on their way to school.
3    Foul mouthed language and being verbally abusive, sometimes within earshot of young children. Most recently Mr and Mrs Taylor were reported to the police for the same after they were approached about dangerous driving in the vincity of children.
4    Making repeated false allegations and statements to the authorities that can be shown to be false. ( Mr and Mrs Latham )
5    Repeated acts of dishonesty that can be shown to be dishonest. ( Mr and Mrs Latham )
6    Serious acts of violence such as deliberately ramming a car into a pedestrian to his injury. ( Mr Latham on two separate occasions, both reported to the police, once resulting in injuries, once resulting in Mr Latham being charged by the police )
7    Repeated acts of rude gesturing. ( Mr Latham is expected to appear in court on 19 December 2008 for the most recent act )
8    Aggressive behaviour in front of young children. ( Mr Latham was recently charged by the police with regard to his conduct in front of 3 young children )
9    Promoting dangerous and reckless driving by others resulting in thousands of pounds worth of damage to property and the environment. ( Resulting in the replacement of an oil tank )
10    Repeatedly ignoring court orders relating to parking, dangerous driving, closing gates etc. ( Mr and Mrs Latham )
All of the above and more is supported by a substantial body of compelling evidence. It should be noted that the previous application for an antisocial behaviour and related matters is the subject of a criminal complaint to Northern Constabulary in relation to the conduct of various Highland Council officials.
I look forward to your comments.
Stuart Hunt

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