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Latest Letter Alerting Chief Constable about Concerns regarding FreeMasons

(October 13, 2008)
Below is a copy of the contents omy letter posted to the Chief Constable of Northumbria posted to him last night. I have doubts that  UK police will carry out their public duty on these matters. They are of course employed under Crown authority. Prime Ministers  Mr Blair and now Mr Brown have played silly sods with me for a number of years. Brown on the matters which I report below. Mr Blair and Brown are of course Freemasons, with Queen Elizabeth II as their Patron. Justice and Freemasonry  and the UK Crown Masonic establishment do not go together.

There is absolutely no doubts in my mind thst the Judicial Oath (of fairness) is a massive fraud wher Queen Elizabeth II is an integral part. I have proved this to be fact in my case and I am aware of many more such similar cases where the Judicial Oath has been breached and ignored.

The Crown employed Mafia are a reality not a fiction. The do carry out murder of people who become a threat to them. There have been at least three attempts on my life carried out by Crown emplyees in the past.

The UK alleged independent authorities are not independent at all. I have been able to prove this fact on a number of occasions.

Maurice Kellett.

The Chief Constable of Northumberland                           
Mr. Mike Craik

Northumbria Police Headquarters




Sunday October 12. 2008.


Posted on Sunday October 12, 2008


Mr Craik


My name is Maurice Kellett. I am a victim of UK Freemasonry.  Your predecessor, Mr. C. Strachan, has ignored the substantial crimes used against me which started about twenty four years ago when I first confronted serious crime carried out against me by the Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, Magistrates Court. Just before what were very illegal proceedings at the above named court, I had been battered and then struck by a car that had been deliberately driven at me by Mr. Robert Willis Gardner Pringle then of Hetton-le-Hole. In recent years a police inspector gave his opinion that the matter should have been treated as the attempted murder of me. Instead, the case was dismissed by a magistrate who was not qualified to act alone. Mr Robert Willis Gardner Pringle then supplied the local Masonic Halls with fruit and vegetables for use in their functions. The Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court Manager was the Mr. Bavidge. He claimed that he had been unable to find out of the magistrate concerned with dismissing the case had qualifications to allow him to act alone.  Police officers have since informed me that there were no magistrates at the above named court who had qualification to allow them to act alone. In the circumstances, Mr. Bavidge lied to me about not knowing if the magistrate concerned had the necessary qualifications to allow him to act alone. His crime in that matter was Misconduct in Public Office (Regina v Dytham). I can confirm this crime has been carried out against me by a number of persons employed under the Crown, Queen Elizabeth II.


Since the time of those illegal Magistrates Court proceedings mentioned above and my confrontation with Freemasonry, my life has been made a Hell ever since..


Northumbria Police have refused to carry out their public duty to arrest former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding for perverting the course of justice in Durham and Newcastle County Court cases DH400950. DH400898 and NE401650. On two occasions I have made the requirement for Cumbria Constabulary to arrest Spedding. My requirement for this has also been ignored by Cumbria Constabulary. 


John Hugh Fryer-Spedding, of Mirehouse. Bassenthwaite, Keswick, Cumbria,  was aware that the Durham County Court had ordered on June 1, 1994 that the above referenced cases were not to be tried as a consolidated action. Spedding ignored that court order and held what can only be regarded as an illegal Kangaroo court. In the proceedings that followed the start of the above referenced Durham and Newcastle County Court cases. John Hugh Fryer-Spedding lied about what evidence that he had seen relevant to the above referenced court cases.

Spedding also warned me not to highlight to him that my civil opponent, Miss Shirley Carr, of Bowes Cottage. 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear, was swearing perjury during the above referenced  cases who had their final and very illegal hearing before judicial criminal John Hugh Fryer-Spedding. In October 1996. Trying to obtain justice in the above referenced cases and the matter of the illegal Houghton-le-Spring, Magistrates Court cases, I have only met with more crime more than suggesting that we in the UK have a Crown employed Mafia. I have also learned that the Judicial Oath allegedly sworn by all UK judges and magistrates is a fraud with Queen Elizabeth II being an integral part of this fraud. My own experiences, some of which I briefly detail to you, have proved this fraud.


My home and nearby land at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. Tyne and Wear, was  stolen from me following the illegal court costs awarded against me by judicial criminal John Hugh Fryer-Spedding in the above referenced Durham and Newcastle County Court cases. Northumbria Police Special Squad officers surrounded my home at 16A The Lyons, and police marksmen surrounded it while they had blocked the public roads leading to and from it. I was not armed. I would not give up my home for the benefit of judicial and police Mafia criminals. Three nights later Northumbria Police Special Squad battered down the front door to my home. Around nine Northumbria Police Special Squad (more appropriately named murder squad) entered my home. I held a sword plucking up courage to fall on it  to end the Hell the Crown employed Mafia had caused to me. Two of those Special Squad officers came up the stairs of my home and handcuffed me. They each took one of my shoulders and saw to it that I was unable to move the sword from my chest. Then they made noises clearly to  coordinate the pressure they were exerting on my shoulders as they pushed my chest onto the sword. A third Northumbria Police Special Squad Police officer came up the stairs and hurled me headlong away from his would be murdering colleagues. In fact I think it is certain that police officer saved my life. Three nights earlier a Northumbria Policewoman negotiator named to me as "Jo" saved my life when she warned me to stay away from my kitchen window. She said that she would go have a word with the Northumbria Police marksmen.


When I was taken under arrest to Washington Tyne and Wear Police Station. The Duty Sergeant at the desk there refused at first to note the Northumbria Police Special Squad attempts made on my life. Following my argument with the lies being told by the Northumbria Police Special Squad commander, the duty Sergeant at Washington Police Station said that he dad decided to not down the fact that Northumbria Police Special Squad officers had carried out attempts on my life. I head nothing further from Northumbria Police on the attempts on my life made in February 2003.


I visited my home area near to 16A Lyons, around two months ago. I had a large converted caravan on land near to it. I had previously converted it to a snack bar. I saw three persons measuring up part of the land stolen from following the perverted judgement of then recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding in the above referenced  Durham and Newcastle County Court cases. When I went to check on my caravan, on Thursday last of the fence around it and wall had built at its front been demolished and my caravan missing. My caravan was situated about one hundred yards due east of 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear. It had adjoined other land that had been stolen from me following the perverted and illegal judgement  of criminal recorder John Hugh Fryer Spedding. Just before Spedding's perverted and illegal judgement in the above reference Durham and Newcastle County Court cases, I had contributed to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Freemasonry within the UK police and judiciary chaired by Lord Nolan wo the House of Lords has informed me that he died last year Lord Nolan was given his title of "Lord" by Queen Elizabeth II who is herself Patron of the UK Secret Society of Freemasonry cult. In these circumstances, the alleged Inquiry into Freemasonry within the UK police and judiciary was not independent or impartial.


There was another attempts on my life made in an African country implicating a member of the British High Commission. Evidence to help support this allegation was stolen by Northumbria Police.


I now require that an investigation  into the crimes carried out in the Northumbria Police area carried out against me by former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding. Miss Shirley Carr and others.


Solicitor Mr. Paul Graney then practicing from Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear swore false information in his statutory declaration which concerned the above referenced cases at Durham and Newcastle. When I obtained evidence which proved that solicitor Mr. Paul Graney had sworn false information in his statutory declaration

He agreed that and swore an affidavit verifying that matter.


I gave a copy of  Mr. Paul Graney's affidavit mentioned above, to Mr. Patrick Timothy the Chief Registrar of the Durham District Land Registry. He failed to carry out what was his duty on the above matter and allowed a false entry to be made on the Durham Land Register. He had also failed to act on the matter of forgery carried out by my estranged wife Joyce Kellett of 23 Grange Road, Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire which I had reported to him. I am also satisfied that Mr. Patrick Timothy is a member of the Freemasons and very clearly part of the UK Masonic Crown employed Mafia.  He is also shown to be guilty of the crime of Misconduct in Public Office with all consequences attached to his crime.


I require that immediate arrests are carried out on former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding of Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite, Keswick Cumbria, Miss Shirley Carr of Bowes Cottage, 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. Tyne and Wear following the information which I have reported to you.


Under former Chief Constable of Northumbria, Mr C. Strachan, Northumbria Police ignored  other serious crime carried out against me. Me, my wife and daughters had been threatened with stabbing by a Mr Martin Green then of 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. Tyne and Wear. He repeated his threat made against us to a Northumbria police officer who was called about Mr Green's threat. Absolutely no appropriate police action was taken on that matter.

Following one of my public radio broadcasts about Freemasonry, a man came to our house. He said that I would never beat Freemasonry. He went on to say that a man who owned a deep freezer centre at South Shields, Tyne and  attended my home at 16A The Lyons attended my home reported that matter to a Northumbria Police officer. As usual, no action was taken by Northumbria Police on it.


I was assaulted when I was a Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne Wear. Councillor. I was assaulted by members of the Blackburn family after I had raised the matter of none declaration of interests in land owned by Councillor James Blackburn of Easington Lane, Tyne and Wear. His land had come under proposed housing on the Draft Development Plan.  His family members agreed with that plan. Mr J. Blackburn  and others  prevented me from leaving the Hetton Council Chambers until they had carried out their assault on me Councillor J. Blackburn agreed that he was a Freemason. Northumbria Police appointed an Inspector to investigate this matter who was Inspector Williamson or Williams. A week or so later he telephoned me to say that he had decided not to investigate the matter because he did not think the rest of the Councillors who witnessed that matter would say what they had seen about that matter. There were other Freemason Hetton-le-Hole. Town Councillors.  It came to my attention that Inspector Williamson or Williams was o member of the Freemasons like many police officers also are which probably explains his none action on the matter of the assault made on me.


Police officers from North Yorkshire Police attended my home at Hetton-le-Hole. They took away evidence which proved I was not a bankrupt as had been ruled by what were other judicial criminals at the Durham County Court. It was a copy of our handwritten accounts which my wife had hidden from me. In fact in May of 1998 my wife and I had purchased the property at 23 Grange Road, Dacre Banks, for a cash sum. Mr Kenworthy, chief constable of North Yorkshire at first refused to act on this matter. It was after I informed him that he was then subject to a citizens arrest under Regina v Dytham that two North Yorkshire detectives arrived at my home at Hetton-le-Hole/ Later I received a letter from North Yorkshire Police that no action was to be taken on this matter. He like others that I have named in this document still remains subject to a citizens arrest under the ruling of Regina v Dytham.


I have given only a summary of the crimes carried out against me my Crown Employees. There is more to add. If especially no appropriate police action is taken against criminal former recorder John Hugh Fryer Spedding, Miss Shirley Carr then I will act according to my conscience.


The occupier of my home at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear and my nearby land must leave it and return it to me as a matter of urgency.  While I am aware that murder is being carried on under the name of the Crown, as has been tried with me. I do expect to be murdered by Crown employed officers as was tried in February 2003. This does not worry me too much.


Former recorder and judicial criminal John Hugh Fryer-Spedding was a former deputy Lord Lieutenant  of Cumbria. He resigned as a trustee involving public money around a year ago. He is also reputed to be a friend of Queen Elizabeth II.


I also want the two Northumbria Police Special Squad officers who attempted to murder me at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole in February 2003, by pushing a sword into my chest to be traced and arrested for attempted murder.


It is my honest and firm opinion that the commander of the Northumbria Police Special Squad who was parties to the theft of my home and the attempted murder of me, has a psychiatric disorder which showed following my argument with him when I was taken under arrest to Washington Police Station. Tyne and Wear, in February 2003.


Following the bankruptcy ruling made against me at the Durham County Court, which then recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding's unlawful Durham and Newcastle County Court proceedings at the Newcastle County Court in Durham and Newcastle County Court Cases DH400950. DH400898 and NE401650 had brought about, being published on the front page of the Sunderland Echo newspaper. My father William Kellett collapsed and died. The publication also stated that I was not allowed to remain a Councillor by reason of my alleged bankruptcy.


.I also want my personal possessions stolen following the theft of my home at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole to be returned to me asap.


The Magna Carta is still valid. Former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding and Miss Shirley Carr have the right to be tried under the Magna Carta to trial by jury.

Barrister Mr Richard Merritt representing Miss Shirley Carr was fully aware that the above referenced cases DH400950, DH400898 and NE401650 were to be fried separately. He failed to make that fact known to his friend criminal former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding as it was his duty to do that. That had been made known to him by solicitor Mrs. Paula Tench them working for a firm of solicitors at Darlington, Co. Cleveland.


I corresponded with former Prime Minister and War criminal Tony Blair on these matters. He like the other Masonic criminals, has simply led me on. I am now also in correspondence with Mr Gordon Brown. He like Tony Blair are known Freemasons and is also leading me on much the same route as Tony Blair has.


These matters that I report to you are will be placed on the public domain.


The cult of Freemasonry must and will in time be abolished. I cannot accept that it is right that any Freemason should hold any public position of power. I would liken Freemasons to a gang of criminals one helping the other in crime.


Criminals like those who I have named in this document have no power and must be treated in this way despite being employed under the Crown, Queen Elizabeth II. The Judicial Oath (of fairness) fraud is a very serious matter indeed. Just how many other victims of this Judicial Oath fraud has there been I wonder?


I have informed Prime Minister by default Mr. Gordon Brown that by reason of the massive damage caused to me by criminal former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding he has forfeited the property known as Mirehouse,  Bassenthwaite, Keswick, Cumbria as part of the damages which he has caused to me. Miss Shirley Carr of Bowes Cottage, 16 The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. Tyne and Wear was served with my damages claim for the damages that crimes that she used against me most of which had been assisted by criminal former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding  She has ignored my damages claim made against her.


Criminal former recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding fled the scene of his crimes used against me at the Newcastle County Court back to his home in Cumbria. The age old saying, "its not what you know but who you know" has been proved to be a fact in the matter of Spedding who by now should have been serving a prison sentence if the UK did indeed have a credible justice system.


Another solicitor. Alison Stott. Previously practicing from Durham, worked had in hand with some of Miss Shirley Carr's crimes which she used against me. She too walks free. Of course the other title for solicitors is "Officers of the Courts". In my own case, I have proved that solicitors are often part of judicial crime carried out against judicial victims. The Durham Constabulary Crown employed Mafia have refused to take  appropriate action against Alison Stott.


The UK does not have a credible justice system as I and many others now agree. The Judicial Oath remains a fraud and a probable treason being used against the UK general public.



Mr Maurice Kellett

1 Spa Cottages


Cumbria CA87AL


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