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Chief Constable Latimer Adopts More Delay Tactics

(July 18, 2008)
The web-site has been informed that Chief Constable Ian Latimer aka Taser Gun Bill has once again applied in principle to the Court of Session to prevent Alan Macleod and his family access to the names of the officers involved in the suspicious death of his nephew,Kevin Macleod.Mr Kevin Macleod was badly beaten and cast into the harbour at Wick ten years ago ,and still many questions remain unanswered .

A legal source stated today," All of us are trying to support our Chief Constable but these actions are hard to justify either cost wise or in the interests of justice.
It is also believed that the decision taken by Mr Latimer is fully approved by The  Scottish Police Federation,however the legal source stated ," as the federeation consists of Constable Calum Steele ,it is hardly likely that he will object to a decision taken by his superior officer".
It is yet to be confirmed if Kirk Tudhope of Leddingham Chalmers Solicitors will be instructing counsel on behalf of Mr Latimer and the Northern Constabulary .

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