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Ft William Police Threaten Web-site

(April 08, 2008)
This website today was threatened by Sgt Ramsay Bell, officer number 300 of the Fort William Police. He stated, "I will send officers to detain you for Breach of the Peace if you do not stop phoning the police station". The Fort William police and their Area Commander, Chief Inspector John Chisholm have once again denied any knowledge of having received a fax of a private statement allegedly retrieved from the police archives at Nairn. They also deny transmitting said statement from their fax number to Gordon Elliot, Data Protection Manager, Northern Constabulary, Inverness.

Chief Inspector Chisholm is furious that he and his command are being dragged into this criminal investigation and suggested that Detective Inspector Donald Ross, head of CID at Inverness was the person to take the investigation to.

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