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Northern Constabularys Data Protection Officer misleads applicant

(April 05, 2008)
This Web-site has today received misleading information from Gordon Elliot Data Protection  Manager Northern Constabulary Inverness.

He informs the Applicant that statements are dated one year hence from when they were originally taken and that The Northern Constabulary have no copies of the statements as they were allegedly sent to the Lothian and Borders Police at Edinburgh.

Lothian and Borders deny that they did not forward them to the Fiscal service.

Further evidence has been supplied that Telecommunications data requested for an investigation into the conduct of Inspector Angus aka Gus Macpherson of Dingwall has been declined .
A legal source has stated " This evidence will be retained for as long as Macpherson is under investigation .

Another statement was sent to the applicant which mysteriously has a Fort William fax number indicated on it .This is a clear indicator that Chief Inspector John Chisholm erstwhile Inspector at Dingwall has been involved.

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