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(February 25, 2008)
This website has been informed that Chief Constable Ian Latimer of the Northern Constabulary has refused to assist the Macleod family of Wick in having their case reviewed against many promises that he would help.

Ian Latimer a.k.a. 'Taser Gun Bill' has recently gone on a PR surge in all the local papers in which he tells us, that he is to put "more policemen on the streets". He tells us that this will be possible by making redundant administrative posts with a saving of half  a million pounds. He fails to tell the general public that the severance pay for these posts will exceed the alleged savings and he is not prepared to cash in his expensive Range Rover to contribute to any savings.

A legal source has stated today that if Mr Latimer continues with this style of management and behaviour, he will soon join the ranks of Dr Ian Oliver, Chief Constable of Grampian Police and find himself either forced to resign or kicked out by dissatisfied members of the public.

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