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Sheriff MacFaydens fails to apply test

(February 05, 2008)
The Web-site has today been informed that  after considerable delay Sheriff Macfayden AKA Dixie Ingram failed to apply the correct test when adjudicating the reliability and credibility of a witness.

In part 18 of his Judgement he stated that Norman Macleod firearms officer for the Northern Constabulary "seemed not to bear ill will against the pusuer"

A legal source stated ," The Sheriff having heard evidence that at a previous hearing in a civil case against the persuer, Mr Norman Macleod , had lodged a sworn Affidavit in support of denying the Persuer ownership of his firearms the Sheriff had applied the wrong test for arriving at a conclusion that Mr Macleod  was credible and reliable" It was clear that this sworn statement clearly showed ill will towards the that he had involved himself in a matter unrelated to him. and that he could not be considered impartial.
However The sheriff did state that Mr Macleod was endeavouring to be truthful.

Case Ref R Campbell V Chief Constable

Sheriff Macfayden used to be in private practice and worked out of an office above a butchers shop in Inverness.He is married with two children.
He Includes walking and reading as his pursuits.

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