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Northern Constabulary to investigate improper relationship

(January 28, 2008)
This website has today been informed of a letter dated 17th January 2008 to Robert Macdonald, Solicitor Advocate of Stronachs, Inverness from the Northern Constabulary.

The letter states there is to be an enquiry into the relationship between Mr Norman Macleod, Firearms Licensing Manager at the Northern Constabulary and Mr Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod, firearms dealer, Tain. The letter indicates they have a relationship that goes beyond professional. Further to this enquiry in relation to Mr Norman Macleod, a separate enquiry is to be instigated as to why he involved himself in a civil case whilst using public funds to pay for the use of the Northern Constabulary's Force Solicitor.

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