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Inspector MacPherson declares contents of letter blasphemous

(January 19, 2008)

This website has been informed that an annonymous letter sent to Mr R. Craig Connel QC of MacGrigors, Glasgow has been adjudicated as blasphemous by Inspector Angus MacPherson of Dingwall command.

The contents of this annonymous letter written to Mr Connel QC stated that his client was an embezzler and a fraudster. Inspector MacPherson reported that he had spoken to Martin Mackay, solicitor who at that time was with T.S.H. Burns, Park Street, Dingwall. Inspector MacPherson claimed that Mr Mackay denied writing the letter and sending it to Mr Connel QC. The envelope containing the letter was going to be forwarded for forensic examination but to date, no response has been received for that examination.

This website has established that the contents of the letter did not make any profane or sacrilegious comments about God or sacred things.

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