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Chief Constable Ian Latimer should stay

(November 30, 2007)
The web-site has recevied support for Iain Latimer Chief Constable of the Northern Constabulary and indicates that any calls for his resignation are not only premature but unjust.
The poll conducted by the web-site felt that although the report was critical about Mr Latimer ,it failed to recognise that efforts had been made ,aplogises had been offered,and that this case along with many others was  inherited.
It was  clear that where others had not achieved success somehow Mr Latimer was to wave a magic wand  The poll also stated that Commissioner Martin's report lacked grace and fairness.
The poll suggested that The Chief Constables job should be more of a PR role and although tactical matters should remain a priority it was felt that more pressing of the flesh was required.
The web-site poll was conducted with even numbers of male and female contributions.

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