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Boredom continues at Firearms Revocation Hearing

(November 14, 2007)
This was the third day of a hearing of Alistair Currie versus the Chief Constable of Northern Constabulary in the mater of an appeal against revocation of his firearms/shotguns certificate.
Today's hearing bore the same resemblance as the previous two hearings as Kirk Tudhope, agent for the respondent went on an on. This time, trying to establish whether or not Mr Currie was a fit and proper person to hold a certificate on the basis that he did not have many friends.
The hearing before Sheriff MacFadyen, which was held at the North Tower, Inverness Castle is a clear indicator as to what lengths and expense the Northern Constabulary will go to to prevent people from enjoying a day's shooting.
Once again, instructing Mr Tudhope was Mr Norman Macleod, Firearms Licensing Manager and civilian employee of the Northern Constabulary whose talents seem to be endless. For this hearing, Mr Macleod chose to wear a checked shirt with a striped tie and arrived in court wearing a black funeral coat. Mr Tudhope did little to compliment this and chose an off-white shirt which poked throuh his suit jacket throughout the entire hearing. It was evident there was not a hairbrush between them.This was stark contrast to Mr Currie and his team who were immaculately dressed.
Chief Superintendent Laurie Stewart who advised the website of the hearing has not yet given evidence.Laurie Stewart always comes to court un-shaven and wearing a jumper with a logo of the Northern Constabulary stuck to it.
 Aspergers Syndrome-is a form of autism and therefore will fall under one of the categories covered by the Disability Discrimination Act.A profile of such an individual with this condition which affects 1% of the population includes these propensities .
1)Individuals are extremely good at learning and remembering detail-qualities which are excellent for business and any kind of expertise.
2)Often such individuals will be experts in their field of special interest  eg.computing,music,art,technology,history,sporting interests.
3)Individuals are capable of focussing attention for long periods of time .
4)Individuals are often socially withdrawn and have little social appetite.
This profile has produced throughout history some of our highest achievers in the field of science,music and business.
Examples are Bill Gates,Albert Einstein,Mozart and Sir David Murray .Mr Tudhope accused Mr Currie of having Aspergers Syndrome however clearly this is no condemnation
The hearing is being continued until the 25th January 2008. 

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