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Willie Morrision ex Editor of North Star denys Blackmail

(November 07, 2007)
The web-site had contact with Willie Morrision reporter and blackmail suspect .He still denys blackmail and still feels justified in his actions.He states that he pays all his debts but accepted that he was a tink from Durness.
His sister Violet also from Durness is married to Gregor aka Winkie Macleod of Macleod and Company Tain.
Morrision was investigated by Northern Constabulary ,but his fellow Free Mason Friend  Inspector Angus aka Gus Macpherson let him off.
Macpherson has been reported to his force but they have supported him in his actions.
Morrison was reported for lurking about in bushes at Gordonstoun School Morayshire trying to photograph pupils.

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