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Supt David O' Connor refuses to respond

(November 01, 2007)
This website has today been informed by Chief Supt Laurie Stewart of Northern Constabulary that the ball, "is back in David O' Connor's court to respond to enquires".
David O'Connor has been requested numerous times to give an account of his conduct whilst he was Area Commander at Dingwall. This website has received overwhelming evidence that O'Connor had failed to be truthful when responding to a victim who had complained about blackmail. He had insisted that Inspector Angus a.k.a. Gus MacPherson, who the Northern Constabulary claim is absent on sick leave had investigated the complaint and had given all the details of the enquiry to the victim.
This was found to be untruthful.
O'Connor is fully supported in his actions by Chief Superintendent Laurie Stewart, his Chief Constable Ian Latimer and the D.C.C. Adam Gary Sutherland. The Northern Constabulary have been invited by Robert MacDonald, Solicitor Advocate of Stronachs to make themselves available for a meeting. However, a period of over 40 months has elapsed and they have continued to be evasive and wholly untruthful in this matter.
Mr O'Connor's secretary today confirmed to this website that she had passed on all messages and that Mr O' Connor had recieved all the emails but she felt that as always, he was simply to ignore any matter upon which he was challenged.

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