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Supt David O Connor fails to respond

(October 25, 2007)
The web-site has been informed that David O Conner has refused to respond into matters inter alia blackmail.
This web-site is alarmed at this response,for it would seem to be a complete departure from his recent profile in the Inverness Courier.
The article of September 2007 states that this forty -eight year old father of four and former hill farmer and hotel manager is now an Area Commander and Silver Commander.He is able to thwart suicide attempts but confesses he finds it scary to lean over the Kessock Bridge.He has stamped the beat at Nairn,Barra,Inverness and Dingwall but holds fast that his work is made light "when a laugh a day saves the day."
He stresses a belief that everyone should have a healthy level of ambition and also admits to moments of psychedelic deja vu when watching police based TV soaps.This, the web-site can believe as the accompanying photograph in the article shows David O Connor in his green house tending to plants which look suspiciously like tomatoes.....

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