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Overwhelming evidence obtained

(October 15, 2007)
This website has today received overwhelming evidence that Inspector Angus a.k.a. Gus McPherson of Dingwall command, has wilfully and deliberately witheld vital evidence in an investigation of blackmail.
A complaint was instigated agianst a William Morrison who at the material time was a reporter with the North Star newspaper, based at Dingwall. Mr Morrison was accused of telephoning a local businessman and harrassing and blackmailing the said businessman to withdraw from a civil court action against his sister, Violet Macleod and his brother in-law, Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod of Lamington Street, Tain.
The complaint was allegedly investigated by Inspector MacPherson but a minute sheet, reference number- CRM/28/00DOC/SB supplied to Superintendent David O'Connor by Inspector Angus MacPherson confesses in paragraph four that MacPherson, "did not give the victim any details of the telecommunication data enquiries that the police had carried out".
MacPherson has already been subject of a complaint to the Chief Constable along with Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod and Norman Macleod. See previous News Item. 

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