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More errors in Police Reports.

(October 14, 2007)
The website has been sent documents per the Data Protection Act by Gordon Elliot of the Northern Constabulary which are flawed.
In an Minute report pertaining to come from Inspector Angus aka Gus Macpherson of Dingwall Command ,he claims to interviewed under caution a William Morrison former reporter with the North Star Newspaper based in Dingwall.However the Incident report claims otherwise,
and shows only a Detective Sgt 438 and aDetective Constable126 as being present at the interview.
Morrison denied making the relevant call to the victim ,but Inspector Macpherson would not give any details to the victim of the telecommunication data that may have been carried out.Macpherson had stated that Morrison was a fellow Free Mason and would not hear anything against him.
These documents were sent on Friday 12th Oct to Chief Supt Laurie Stewart but he told the website that they were in the operations room and he had other pressing matters to complete. 

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