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Court action against Chief Superintendent

(October 11, 2007)
A court action is to be served on Chief Supt Laurie Stewart of Northern Constabulary Inverness.
The action relates to malicious damage caused by Laurie Stewart against Michael JA Campbell of Conon-Bridge Ross-shire.Stewart has been asked by three firms of solictors to provide data but over a period of forty months he has refused to do so.He recently claimed under oath that he was not or had never been associated with the Free Masons and that he denied Campbells accusation that he was operating a cabal for financial gain.He has however admitted that co-respondent Inspector Angus Macpherson is a Free Mason .Paper work going as far back as 18 June 2004 still remains unanswered.Laurie Stewart has told the website today that he holds Inspector Angus Macpherson in the highest regard.Macpherson has stated that McGovern of the Daily Record is a bona fide
Journalist and is entitled to telephone and harass members of the public to assist Macpherson in his Police work.Macpherson uses Mcgovern and Willie Morrision to assist him in obtaining firearms to supply to Gregor Macleod AKA Winkie Macleod Of Lamington St Tain.Macpherson was reported to The Chief Constable but they failed to investigate.
The website today was asked to supply evidence as to the above .The website complied and faxed three documents including a minute sheet and an incident report.Chief Supt Stewart stated that he would not examine the paperwork as he had more important things to attend with.In a fit of temper he told the website that he did not care what Sheriff MacFaydens opinion was and that he would revoke RMW Campbells shotgun /firearms certificate just to show who really is the boss.Chief Supt Stewart is the Chief Constables advisor on all matters relating to Firearms and Shotgun Certificates.

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