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court action against Firearms Manager .

(August 05, 2007)
This website has just received notification that a court action is to be raised against Norman Macleod, Firearms Manager of The Northern Constabulary. Macleod has agreed to accept the action at his office address.
The Action.
On or around February24th 2005 Macleod was invited by The AIB per their agent William Leith Young to supply an affidavit in a matter of tiltle under section 33 (1) of The 1985 bankruptcy Scotland act and part 3 and Schedule 2 of the Debt Arrangement and Attachment (Scotland) Act 2002.
This website has now been informed of overwhelming evidence that Macleod acted to the financial detriment of the creditors within a sequestration by transfering firearms to one Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod of Macleod and Company, Lamington Street, Tain. In particular, a blazer 7mm rifle had not been accounted for by William Leith Young and further more, Winkie Macleod has now admitted that he did not pay for the weapon for the benefit of this sequestration. Mr Gregor Macleod's telephone call was monitored by PC Morrison of the Northern Constabulary.
Abandonment of an asset is a serious offence. 

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