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Northern Constabulary hassle website

(August 03, 2007)
Today, two officers from the Northern Constabulary arrived with complaints from an unknown source that they had received a photograph of a sporting rifle and claimed ignorance to its importance and relevance. 
The website was completely cooperative with the Northern Constabulary and invited the officers to examine both the letter sent by e-mail and the photograph, but they declined to do so.
The letter and photograph pertained to a previous news item indicating that a Permanent Trustee had abandoned assets, the value of which would have rightfully belonged for the benefit of creditors in a sequestration. The letter and photo attachments were quite properly sent to the A.i.B. and to their agent, William Leith Young of Ritson Young, formerly at material times a principal of Ritsons CA, 28 High Street, Nairn.
This matter is becoming increasingly more embarrassing for Chief Superintendent Laurie Stewart of the Northern Constabulary whose authority was given to release said rifle to Gregor a.k.a. Winkie Macleod of Macleod and Company, Lamington Street, Tain. A court action has already been instructed and doubtless, the Northern Constabulary will be asked to answer for their conduct and explain their position.
The photograph of the rifle had been obtained with the permission of The Northern Constabulary under the supervision of Inspector John Chisholm and Sergeant 
Darcy at Police headquarters Old Perth Rd Inverness.
Today Inspector Julian Innes stated on behalf of Chief Supt Laurie Stewart that his personal telephone number could not be used by the press and he suggested another number. Chief Supt Stewart is head of Firearms.
Two telephone calls to Duncan Mackenzie were obstructed by the Force Operators .Duncan Mackenzie asks on his voice mail to be contacted by this means.
Mr Mackenzie is a media advisor for the Police force

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